The Flashbang bra holster is the best concealed carry bra holster on the market!

The Flashbang is the Best choice in Concealed Carry bra holsters for women! The FLASHBANG bra holster is going to revolutionize the way women can conceal carry their firearm. This is a new and comfortable way to carry concealed and still feel like a lady! Nothing comes between a girl and her gun!

concealed carry holsterIt is no wonder that the flashbang bra holster is one of our best selling products. We are one of the premier retailers of concealed carry holsters for women. Made right here in the USA!

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Specially designed concealed carry bra holsters for women give them a feminine but effective way to protect themselves. Many women are not able to carry their own protection simply because of the awkward and bulky appearance. The flashbang bra holster provides women a way to discreetly carry a weapon without drawing unwanted attention.

Now, more than ever, there are options to match every female’s individual taste and style. The old fashioned idea that a gun must hidden in a purse or pocket or displayed on a hip has been completely debunked by our fresh and modern designs. Carrying a gun in a purse is a great way to hide it, but it is almost impossible to quickly draw out in an emergency situation. We have specifically created and designed ways to be able to stay fully protected in a feminine way. “The Flashbang” is a concealed carry bra holster on a woman’s bra. The Flashbang attaches firmly to the middle of her bra, allowing her to be able to easily access it, yet it fully hides the gun from the public view. It is a unique and comfortable way to carry a firearm while keeping it completely hidden from view.

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At Concealed Carry  Holsters For Women, we offer the best in comfort and convenience in self-defense protection and specifically designed concealed carry bra holsters for women. They are exclusively designed to provide the protection needed in case of an unfortunate emergency. Our concealed carry bra holsters are exactly what most women are lacking when it comes to personal protection. At Concealed Carry bra holsters For Women, we have seen just how often a woman plans ahead and carries protection, but due to a lack of a way to conceal it in public, leaves it behind in her vehicle. Based on our own personal experience, we have designed some unique ways for females to be able to utilize concealed carry bra holsters at all times for their own personal safety.

It would be a personal tragedy to have protected yourself with a weapon that you were not able to use or have it close by when needed. Our bra holster allows a woman to discretely carry a firearm and be able to wear it comfortably with style. Personal protection does not need to be bulky or unsightly. Women do not need to adhere to men’s styles in order to have the same level of protection. Concealed carry bra holsters for women should be designed with a woman’s needs in mind. In this turbulent era, a hostile situation shouldn’t end with innocent people being injured. Sometimes, just by showing that are you are capable of defending yourself, you can diffuse a situation. Our bra holster will help you do just that. This is why at Concealed Carry bra holsters For Women, our motto is “Equipping the Good Gals”.

You will NEVER have to buy another concealed carry holster again! This is Simply the best holster that money can buy! We take pride in providing high quality concealed carry holsters for women.

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Flashbang bra holster

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Title: FlashBang Bra Holster Simply the Best Bra Holster on the market!
Reviewed by Kelly S. on Jan 14
Rating: 5.0
Summary: very comfortable
Description: I have been looking for a creative way to carry my 380 without being obvious. The FlashBang Bra Holster is discreet and I can pretty much wear anything without anyone knowing that I am carrying. It makes me feel safe and like a lady. The product is made of a high quality kydex material and is very comfortable to wear.
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FlashBang Bra Holster
Description: FlashBang Bra Holster

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